The best Windows 10 secrets

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Windos 10 has come to improve all the bugs of windows 8, let’s take a look:

First, the upgrade to Windows 10 is free. Yes, free of charge. Microsoft wants to spread their newest Windows 10 all across the world without burdening the customers so they deleted the fee.

Microsoft also spread the operating system to many devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and others.

The menu still has all the usual features you know all along, a list of installed applications and power options for shutting down and other relevant task, such as sleep and hibernate.

The menu can be resized by placing the mouse around the edges of the menu and drag. Microsoft provides a place where you can visit and download whichever additional programs you need.

They call it Windows Store. This is great so you won’t likely to download any malware or Trojan.

  • Refresh and Reset options that found in Windows 8 also available on Windows 10. You reset your computer to a factory state, just like a brand new PC setting, without having to actually re-install the Windows.
  • One thing is missing is the ability to disable Windows updates, this is very annoying. This is only for Windows 10 Home version. You need to upgrade to Windows 10 professional to get this function.
  • Microsoft finally giving up on the Internet Explorer, it is no longer the default browser though you can still find it and use it as usual. Microsoft has a new better version of browser called Edge.
  • Edge offers enhanced performance, far better than IE. For those who still want to use Chrome or Firefox can still install them and use them as they normally would.
  • Microsoft has added more security improvements. These include Windows Defender and SmartScreen.
  • Windows Defender that we found on Windows 8 will be replaced by Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • SmartScreen is a feature that blocks harmful file from harming your computer.

So that’s all what you need to know about windows 10. Overall Windows 10 is a nice upgrade. Eventhough Windows 7 users will find it a more comfortable than navigating through Windows 8.

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