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Netflix is a platform where users can watch quality video streaming services such as series or movies by paying a monthly bill.

Netflix is considered one of the most worldwide successful video streaming services business at the moment. It has already passed by some millions the milestone of reaching 100 million of active users paying for their services.

They currently have three different plans that once you pay for one, you can downgrade or upgrade it anytime you want. These three different plans are:

Basic: With a monthly price around $8, this plan allows us to watch series on a low-medium resolution and have it running on only one screen at the time.

Standard: This plan gives us the chance to try their services by paying around $13 with access to all the content in HD whenever possible and making us able to watch simultaneously the content on two screens at concurrent time.

Premium: The best plan available at the moment, costing around $18 gives us the opportunity to watch video streaming at Ultra HD quality whenever this is available and we could use it up to four screens at the same time.

All of these plans can be cancelled anytime if you decide you are not interested after giving them a try and the best thing is that no matter what plan are you using, you will be able to watch all Netflix series and movies on any sort of device whether it’s a smart TV, a desktop computer, a laptop or even a tablet or android phone.

To get most of these services running properly you will need a decently powerful Internet connection so that the video can be streamed live without getting disconnections. Because of this, they give us the chance to try our Internet speed using the “Speed Test” section that you can find on the bottom size of the page. If you see at least 50 Mbps you should be able to run Netflix services without much trouble but if you really want to make sure everything goes perfectly before paying for their services, you should aim for 100 Mbps.


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