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Windows offers to customers a tool to configure their systems and avoid any risk using their devices. This will be possible thanks to the App and Browser Control, which is a tool that lets you choose what kind of apps and browser search you can do in your device.

Here you will find complete information about what you can do with App and Browser Control and how to access to its settings to configure your device your preference.

What is App and Browser Control?

This tool is included on Windows Security features and it’s very useful to block any potential risk on your device. Using this tool you can choose what websites you can access and what others will be blocked on this device.

This tool also lets you check applications, files and downloads for any potentional threat. This will let you have a device free of any malware, virus or risky content that can be installed or downloaded on your system.

How to access to this tool?

You just need to follow the next steps to know how to access to App and Browser Control settings and configure it by your preferences. See the steps below.

Access to Windows Security

First of all, you need to open Start menu and type “Windows Security”. Next, you need to select the “App & Browser” option on the list of sections that will appear in the search results.

Configure App & Browser Control settings

You will access to App & Browser Control settings, where you can configure your Windows security to detect and block any risk that may present in your device. We recommend you to maximize your protection to avoid any problem or potential risk.

Why is it important to configure App & Browser Control settings?

This tool will protect you against any potential risk. For that reason, is recommended to configure this tool and be more protected and safe when you use your device for any kind of thing.

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