Microsoft’s Headquarters Is Truly Impressive

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Microsoft has hundreds of offices around the world. But one office location stands out from all of the rest. Located at 1 Microsoft Way you will find a huge campus of buildings that serve as the companies official headquarters. This impressive campus is considered one of the best places to work in the world! Today we are going to learn more about 1 Microsoft Way and find out why so many people hope to work there.

Just Outside of Seattle

Microsoft decided to build their impressive headquarters just outside of the beautiful city of Seattle. A 30-minute drive from the city center you will find the town of Redmond, Washington. This peaceful town is the perfect location for a forward-thinking company like Microsoft.

Electric Shuttles

The campus at 1 Microsoft Way is so large that the company has provided electric shuttle buses for their workers to get from building to building. These shuttles are great for the environment and they help the company to reduce their carbon footprint.

A Massive Workforce

At 1 Microsoft Way, you will find a massive workforce that always seems to stay busy. There are more than 47,000 people that work at this location. This huge number is truly impressive when you think about the amount of office space it must take to support them. The campus is in fact much like a small city instead of a workplace. If you could consider the campus as a city it would be the 27th largest city in the state of Washington! That is much larger than many cities in the United States.

More Than Just Office Spaces

This massive campus is more than just office spaces. Here you will find 500 acres of buildings designed for many different functions. On-campus they have recreational sports, restaurants, common spaces, outdoor parks, shops, and much more! There truly is nothing like working in this all-inclusive workspace. The campus even has a treehouse that is used as a meeting space. Some of the restaurants, you will find on campus include a pizza place, several coffee shops, a vegan soup bar, and more. Employees enjoy dining on some of the best food in the world. This is just one of the many perks of working for Microsoft.

Happy Workers

As you may have already guessed most of the people that work here are very happy. Microsoft has invested a ton of capital into making this campus worker-friendly. There are a lot of creature comforts at 1 Microsoft Way. This is just one of the reasons so many people want to work for the company. Microsoft is in fact rated as one of the best companies to work for in the world.

1 Microsoft way is truly an impressive place. It functions much like a medium-sized city, and the employees seem to truly love the campus. If you would like to check it out for yourself, you will be happy to find that they have a visitor center. At the center, you will learn even more about this modern company.

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