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Microsoft always tries to protect and keep its clients safe. Therefore, this company always offers to its customers a diverse list of tools to protect your data against any malicious person. Despite this, many people use some techniques to access to Microsoft customers’ information.

Microsoft technical support scams are one of the most common ways to access to the Microsoft customers’ information for malicious reasons. This makes customers very vulnerable to being stolen or damaged by these criminals.

For all these reasons, it is necessary to report any Microsoft technical support scam to keep safe your private information or that of others. Here you will find how to do it with no problem and with easy steps.

How to report a technical support scam

Microsoft offers its website where you can report any technical support scam that you or any customer has experienced recently. To access to this site, you only need to go to Microsoft support site, and then you need to click Report a Support Scam on the Get More Support section. Also, you can use this link to get direct access to technical support scam complaint site.

On this site, you will need to complete a form with the technical support scam information. You need to complete all the information about the fraudulent company and the tech support scam complaint. Also, you will need to give to Microsoft contact information and any necessary information about you as a customer.

When you complete the complaint form, you only need to solve the captcha and submit the form. Microsoft will contact you on the next days to give you information about any update of your complaint or to ask any information that they need to solve this case.

As you see, it is very easy to report any technical support scam; Therefore, it is preferable to do it and help Microsoft to protect you and its clients.

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