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OpenStreetMap is an open license world map where any user can use it to see locations or to do GPS traces. This service is improved by a community of people like you. This is a great tool to people who want to use a world map service without restrictions and without paying any for this.

Here you will find a complete information about what kind of things you can do with OpenStreetMap and how to start to use it. Keep reading this article to know more about this famous world map service.

What is OpenStreetMap?

OpenStreetMap is just a free world map service that can be used by any people and for free. This service is a high-recommended because offers a complete experience to its users and has great tools that may be won’t be able in similar services by other companies.

This tool also lets you make GPS traces to get to your destiny easily and without a problem. This will be amazing if you don’t know where are you or you are lost. Every moment that you need help, you can use this tool for free.

Why should I use OpenStreetMap?

There are many things to start to use this incredible tool. See all the list below:

  • It’s a free service: you can check any direction and get GPS traces without any cost.
  • It has an open license: you can use this program as an open license app or software.
  • Constant improvement: this service has a wide list of users that improve this service diary. You will have an updated world map.
  • You can make GPS traces: one of the main advantages of this service is that you can make GPS traces anytime.
  • You can create a user and see your history: you can create a user if you think that you’re going to use this service regularly. Also you can check your history to get directions easily.

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