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Windows Help is a web page provided in the Microsoft website in order to help us clear our doubts about many possible questions that may appear while using the Windows (or also called Win, abbreviated) system software, but at the moment the information shown it’s mostly related to Win 10 because it’s the latest Win OS at the moment, and also the one with more features.

On this page we can find a short list classifying the different questions we might have into various topics. These topics are:

– Update and Activate Win operating systems: Here you can find information about how to fix some common errors that appear after a Win update or how to reinstall Win 10 or even go back to older Win operating systems such as Win 8.1 or Win 7, among many other possible cases.

– Internet and Storage: Find your Wi-Fi password if you have forgotten about it, how to connect to a VPN using Win 10 capabilities or try to find the problem that is causing you trouble while trying to use the Wi-Fi with your Win 10 computer are some of the things we can find in this section.

– Security and Privacy: Discover security related possibilities such as encrypting files, turn on and off the Windows protector firewall called “Defender” or add an exclusion to this one.

– Devices and Recovery: Learn how to install drivers to your devices, so they run smoothly and without causing you any problems or learn how to install a printer in Win 10 and clear many other doubts you might encounter such as learning to deal with different devices or trying to backup your information using multiple methods.

– Microsoft Store and related apps: Here you will mostly find information about how to download and install apps and troubleshoot any possible issues that might appear during the process.

– Gaming and Mixed Reality: Fix gaming related issues and learn to use the Virtual Reality stuff that Windows has available for you. For instance, you can find here how to play Steam-VR video games using the Win 10 mixed reality possibilities.

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