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Bing ads and Microsoft advertising are the best options to make money through your websites or any platform that you use online. These services are the best option to use in your business and make money without doing anything.

Sometimes we can present problems with our Microsoft advertising service or with Bing ads, thus is very important to know how to get help to solve these problems. Here you will find useful information about solving any problem with these products and who you can contact to get support for your issue.

What can I find on Bing Ads Help site?

You will find complete information about this service and how you can solve any problem that you may present with it. See all the list of sections next:

  • Set up and basics: you will find information about how to get ad campaigns up and get started with using this service.
  • Manage ads: You will know how to manage your ads, configure then or change any advertising for the best options. You will also know how to reach your audience and improve your ad system.
  • Measure results: You will know if your ad campaign is working and what you can do to improve it. This is a great tool that will help you to increase your monthly income.
  • Accounts and billing: You will understand how you can pay for this service and what methods you can use to pay it.
  • Microsoft advertising news: You can see and get informed about any news about this service. This will be very useful if you want to keep your performance and improve your service the most.
  • Contact and support: You can contact with Microsoft support team to solve any problem or doubt that you may present. You can do it calling to its support line, chatting with an assistant or tweeting to its team.

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