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Have you tried sending Mail at ABC In most cases, it will bring an error. Microsoft does not use such a mail address. You can reach them via their support pages. Visit the official Microsoft website, and you will get their contact address from where you can reach them. Microsoft is a big company which has several services. You can get hardware as well as software from the company. The company used to run Hotmail as their web-based suite for hosting emails, but they later changed the name to outlook. If you intend to sign up and email with Microsoft, you will have to sign up at They will allow you to sign up and get started. They offer a wide range of tools that can help you get organized online. Here are some of the features you can enjoy after you sign up for outlook:

How to sign up for outlook

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You will have to visit from where you will supply your personal details. The process takes a few minutes. After you provide your details, you will create an account where you will access a wide range of features to get you moving. Here are some of the features you can get and enjoy your organization:

High-security level

The outlook email service allows you to send and receive messages on a high-security platform. Several measures have been taken to ensure the web-based email suite guarantees you the highest security. You can rely on the platform to enjoy the highest security features as you run your daily activities online.

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Handling documents

The web-based mail suit allows you to view documents. There are times when you will be sent documents to view and act accordingly. The platform allows for easy viewing of documents for your internet-enabled device. You can as well utilize their mail suite to edit and share the documents in your office. The email suite services from Microsoft may power the office documents you receive in your office.

Document collaboration

The tool allows you to achieve real-time document collaboration. In a big office, you may like to share files with other employees. The tool makes it easy to share tasks and collaborate to keep the business running. Microsoft has invested in technology to make the environment in offices more productive. The collaborative features allow easy sharing of tasks, which leads to more productivity in the process.

Replying messages

The tool allows for easy editing and responding to files. After you receive a message or documents, you will be required to perform specific actions. The email suite allows for easy replying to the message sent by the different collaborators. There are times when you would like to send huge files; it is possible to do so through the application of the email services offered by outlook. The email suite is among popular platforms that are applied in several work environments to allow for easy accomplishments of tasks in the industry. You can as well send images or view images sent to you by other email users.

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