iPhone Apps: the main attractions

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A phone with hundreds of eye catching applications is what the iPhone is all about. The users of iPhones are now suffering from the dilemma to learn the use of iPhone Apps.

It is important to learn the starting point and also should learn about the monetary expenditure on iPhone Apps.

There are several online stores or online community where you can download all those iPhone Apps for free. The procedures to use those applications are also described in those sites in details. 

Find The Most Popular Iphone Apps:

  • Facebook:

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. This application is also available with iPhone, iPod touch and provides enhanced experience. You will be able to access all the important information and contacts.

  • PhotoSynth:

PhotoSynth is one of the best panorama applications available in the iPhone. This user friendly application is a very fun to use. This application is more flexible and is compatible with older devices as well.

  • Runkeeper:

This application looks same as Nike+ but performance wise better than that. It is also available free in the app store. All the features are available in the free version of this app.This iPhone app is used to track the routes with the help of GPS technology. It actually provides the opportunity to track the total calories burn after cycling or jogging. The details are also can be shared in the internet.

  • LinkedIn Pulse:

Pulse provides attractive photographs and videos with eye catching designs. The feeds are really crowd puller and better than RSS. This app is good for following a few numbers of feeds.

  • Dropbox:

There are hundreds of applications available in the market to transfer data from the computer to a device. Dropbox is also used for the same purpose, but it is available free of cost. This application is easier to use than any other applications with almost same features.

  • National Rail Enquiries:

For any commuter it is always very useful to access National Rail Enquiries in their iPhones. It provides information about the time tables of trains and the tracking of train progress is also available. It is very easy to know the current arrival timing of the train in any platform using this application. This application is also cheaper than other contemporaries.

  • Skype:

There are several apps like Factime for voice calling, but it is not compatible cross platform. Therefore Skype is so popular and important apps in the market at the moment. Not only cheap calls but also people can make free video calls with a Skype account across the globe.

  • Movies By Flixter:

A very useful app for the movie freaks especially for US citizens. It allows you to select a movie and the app will notify you the cinema theatres nearby your location along with show timings.

  • Tonepad:

There are several applications that provide you with the virtual pianos and guitars, but that are being just not enough for iPhones. A digital musical toy is much more suited as an iPhone app. Tonepad is the best among all those digital musical items.

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