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IBM has many websites and services where everyone can get information about any topic or event that happens around the world, weather site (site of the famous TV channel ‘The Weather Channel’) is one of them. This famous site will show you any information about natural events and climatic conditions in every country of the world. You will also check the weather forecast for a whole month.

Here you will find detailed information about Therefore, you can know all kind of things that you can do with this website and all information that you can find on it. Keep reading this article if you want to be informed about this site.

What will I find on

This site group much information about the weather to let the users be aware of any natural event or even forecast for a whole month. You can check next a complete list of sections of the website:

  • Weather forecast: you can check the forecast for a whole month. You also will find information about allergy trackers, Boat & Beach and farming report. Some data is based on social media reports in your location, while others are based on professional analysis.
  • News: you will find any news about Weather and related topics, like natural events, scientific advances and much more.
  • Maps, pictures and features of weather: you can find maps of the impact of weather on road conditions, pictures or videos of the weather and any other features about this theme.
  • Live TV: You can see live TV about the weather. Using this streaming channel you will be aware of any kind of information about the wheater. This section is actually under construction, so it can’t be used yet.
  • Severe alerts: you can find any information about severe alerts that can happen on the following days. You also can find guides and information about how to be prepared and safe when these events happen.

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