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We regularly need to solve many math equations or calculations. Square roots are one of them, and they are very difficult to solve. Therefore, many developers and companies design useful square root calculators.

Here you will know the best square root calculator that you can find and you will find useful information about how to solve these problems with no problem. If you want to solve these math problems, then keep reading this article to know how to do it with no difficulty.

What is square root?

A square root of “a” number a is a number x that the result of x^2 is a. In general, a number x whose square is a. For example, 3 is the square root of 9 because 3^2=3*3 = 9; 4 is the square root of 16 because 4^4=4*4=6.

The Babylonian method

This method is used to solve square roots easily and with a few steps. It doesn’t have any difficulty and can be used to solve any square root problem. Therefore, its use has become famous worldwide as the main method for calculating square roots.

This method consists of repeating a procedure until the result is exactly as the settled error. We recommend to set a small error, say smaller than 0.01. This method is very useful in finding a square root of at least 2 decimal places.

See the following steps to know how to use the Babylonian method

Choose a number and divide it by 2

We chose the number 16, then we divided it by 2 giving 8 as result.

Calculate average of actual result with the new result

We divide 16 by 8 (previous result) giving 2 as result.

Then, we average this result with the past one ((2+8)/2).

By last, we need to calculate the resulting error. To do this, you have to rest the average result with the past one (in this case, the 8 number)= 8-5= 3

Is the last result is higher than 0.01, we need to follow this procedure till the result is equal to or lower than 0.01.

Free square root calculator

You can access to this link if you want to use a free square root calculator. It’s a simple calculator so you won’t have any problem using it.

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