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Technet is a website provided by Microsoft where any professional of IT can access and read all kinds of information about this important topic. Also, Microsoft offers the opportunity to access to a community where developers, end users and IT professionals can communicate and share their knowledge.

Here you can read information about what kind of documentation and resources you can find on the Microsoft Technet site. Also, you will find information about what kind of things you can do on this site, therefore keep reading this article to stay informed about this topic.

What will I find on the Microsoft Technet site?

There are many sections and tools that you will find on this site. We will summarize all this on a shortlist that let you know this site. See all the list next:

  • Library: you will find complete information about IT. This will be a complete documentary section that provides Microsoft for any user.
  • Wiki: This is a section where any user can create post about any IT topic using professional terminology.
  • Forums and blog: you will find a forum and a blog where you can interact with other users and also share your knowledge with this community. If you have any doubt, you can create a post or access to any information found on those sites to solve whatever problem that you may present.
  • Learn and training: you will find a section called the self-paced lab, where you can learn and do many tests to improve your knowledge about IT. This will be very useful for users that don’t have much time or money to participate in-person courses.
  • Downloads: you can try Microsoft paid products and download others for free.

As you see, the TechNet site is only a way to expand your knowledge with many tools that Microsoft provides to you. You can access to this site anytime that you want to interact with other IT professionals or you just want to learn about this topic.

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