What’s my IP Adress?

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The IP Address is a useful information that determines our connection and let us to be connected on the internet. For that reason, some times we need to know our IP address to many things or for many reasons.

Here you will know how to know your IP address with no difficulty. You just need to follow some simple steps that will let you to get this information easily and quickly. Keep reading this article to know what is your IP address.

Use a recommended site

There are many websites that let shows you your IP address. One of the best sites to know your IP address with safe and with no difficulty is Speedtest. This website has many years working and it will show you your IP address with only access to it site.

You can use this direct link to access to Speedtest site. You will find your IP address on the bottom left. It will be under a person shaped icon, so it won’t be difficult to find it.

Use ipconfig to find your IP address

You can use the ipconfig tool to find your IP address. This tool is provided by Microsoft, so you don’t have to download any app or software. You just need to follow the next steps:

  • Open a Command Prompt window.
  • Run this command: ipconfig.

You have to scroll down or go to the lower part of the Command Prompt window. You will find your IP Address right when it says “IPV4 Address”.

You can use any of these methods to know your IP address. If you have a problem with them, we recommend you to access to the Microsoft Community and explain your problem or difficulty. Any of the members of this group would help you with your problem.

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