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Sometimes the camera might simply stop function in your Windows 10 device. This can be a rather frustrating ordeal especially when you use your camera often.

This is a common occurrence and luckily there are a few solutions on how to fix your problem. Below are a few of the solutions that you should try in case the camera of your Windows 10 device fails.

1. Restart your System

Most of the time, the camera application simply has a few glitches and the process has become unresponsive. You should first try to restart your device and then reopen the app to see whether your camera works normally now.

Should restarting your system not get your camera function properly, then you can proceed to attempt the following solutions in the given order. You must try out the following fixes in the exact order that they are presented.

2. Give apps permission

This is mostly if you recently updated your Windows 10 version. During the update, apps loss permission to use the camera app and you need to grant the updated apps permission to use your camera. Windows 10 has a newer version where some apps that don’t have default access to use other apps like the camera.

To grant other apps access to use your camera, select the start button and then move forward to click on settings, privacy, and finally the camera. After the camera window is displayed, you will have to click on Allow access to the camera.

After allowing access, you can proceed further down to permit specific Microsoft Store apps to access your camera.

3. Check the antivirus software

Should the above step fail to restore your camera, you can move on to check the antivirus software installed on your device. Once you open your antivirus settings look for any type of settings that might be restricting webcam or camera permission. To get further assistance, consider visiting the official website of your antivirus software company.

4. Check that your webcam driver is updated

One possible cause of your camera not working could be an outdated driver. Select the start button, type in device manager and select it from the results shown. Under cameras, you will find your webcam and you need to right-click on it. Select properties, driver tab, and then driver details and try to identify a file named stream.sys. If the file exists, then your webcam needs to be replaced since it was designed before Windows 7. Should the file be non-existent, then try rolling back the driver.

5. Uninstall the webcam driver and perform a hardware change scan

From the webcam window that we opened previously, select the Driver Tab and uninstall it. Then move forward to the Action menu to select a hardware change scan. Once the scan is complete, reinstall the updated drivers and restart your device. Open your camera to see whether your problem is sorted out.


The following possible fixes should help you get your camera back running. However, if all the possible fixes fail, then you will need a professional to take a look at your Windows 10 device.

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