A Microsoft Search Engine That Meets Your Needs

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Bing is a Microsoft search engine that has been available since 2009. As it has many advantages, it could be the best search engine for you.

Bing Search Engine

Bing makes searching a fast, easy process. Consumers often find information is more useful. This includes information that does not appear on other search engines, as well as older information that is otherwise difficult to locate. As an example, you are more likely to find an old news story if you search for it on Bing. With the features and signals used in Bing’s ranking algorithm, you will quickly find the results you want.

Bing Maps

The world is at your fingertips when you use the Bing Maps system. You can easily plan trips, and have transit, walking, or driving directions in advance. Whenever you need to find a business or a specific address, Bing Maps will show you where it is and how to get there. You will see a list of routes you can take to reach your destination. Current traffic conditions are available, too.

Bing News

The Bing home page shows highlights of interesting news stories and breaking news. You can click on any story to see the website where the story appears.

If you choose Bing as your search engine and set your location, the www.bing.com/news page will provide news stories for your specific location, as well as stories from around the country and around the world that will interest you.

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Rewards: A Nice Bonus

If you have a Microsoft account or sign up for one, you can earn a special bonus by using Bing as your search engine. Each time you search while logged in, you will receive points. When you accumulate enough points, you can choose from a wide range of gift cards, as well as Microsoft products and services. If you wish, you can also do short quizzes to earn more points.

There are no costs or obligations connected to Bing’s Microsoft Rewards. If you choose a gift card, it will be sent directly to your email. The rewards program is a fun, simple way to obtain free products, or use the points to donate to your favorite charity. You also have the option of using your points to enter sweepstakes.

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Bing Is Popular: Why So Many People Prefer It

Bing has not outranked Google as the most widely used search engine, but its popularity is growing. Along with all of these other advantages, people like its neat, clean design. It is not cluttered with irrelevant advertisements, or other unnecessary information that can distract you from your search.

Instead, the home page has beautiful wallpapers that are changed on a regular basis. “On This Day in History” is at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page you will find links to images, videos, maps, and news. The appearance itself is reason enough to choose Bing over other search engines.

With dozens of well-known search engines, and other search engines few people have heard of, it might seem difficult to make a decision. When you consider all of the advantages, though, Bing is the logical choice. Whatever you are looking for, the Bing search engine is right for you.

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