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If you are having problems signing in with Skype, first ensure that you are up to date with the latest version of Skype; the system that you are using has met the requirements for running Skype. Also, make sure that the most up-to-date software updates as well as hardware drivers for your computer. This typically solves the majority of the sign-in problems.

Your internet connection can as well be the problem. A poor internet connection causes troubleshooting problems, delays, dropped calls, along with poor-quality video and audio. You can as well see the Call Quality sign when there is a problem.

Possible causes of troubleshooting problems in signing with Skype

  • Forgetting password or username
  • Your Skype account being limited or temporarily suspended
  • Disabled sign in for older unsupported versions
  • Signing in but missing your contact or credits. This is caused by having many Microsoft accounts and not even knowing it.
  • Somebody else may have used your machine to sign into their Microsoft account.
  • Somebody else may have used your machine to sign into their Microsoft account.

Tips to deal with this problem

  • Check the Skype status page. This site will inform you whether there are any reported problems.
  • Ensure that you have met the minimum system requirements for Skype, and you are also using the most recent version of Skype.
  • Check your computer as well as your internet connection. A poor connection can cause troubleshooting problems, dropped calls, frozen or blocky video, and poor audio. If your connection is weak, you may get a notification stating, “Poor network connection.”
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, go to the account recovery form. Here, you will be requested for your email address, your phone number, Skype username as well as a new email that they can contact you with. After you have presented the form, it might take up to twenty-four hours for them to confirm your information. Then the results of your request will be sent to the other email address that you provided.
  • Try signing in into your Skype account from another machine that you may already be signed in on such as, a mobile device, your desktop computer, or Xbox. If you are capable of accessing the right Skype account from another machine, you can recognize the username of the account that you are signed in.
  • Sign out and then sign back in. While doing this, ensures that you have signed in using the exact account with your email address or your Skype account information.
  • If you are using a VPN and Skype is not connecting, you are supposed to first disconnect from the VPN and then try to sign in again.
  • If your internet connection is through a proxy server, you are then supposed first to confirm the settings with your internet administrator.
  • If you try all of these tips, and you are still having problems signing in to Skype, contact the Skype community. They have a lot of information, and there are about three million people who are waiting to assist you.

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