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Privacy is a vital and crucial tool for Microsoft. As it offers a wide range of products, privacy starts by putting the user in control of his or her data. This is done by giving you all the tools and information required thereby able to make the right choice for yourself whenever you use these products

The privacy statement is provided, and it explains the personal data processed, how Microsoft processes them, and the purposes for it. Microsoft products they offer may include websites, apps, Microsoft services, devices, software, and servers. These products help as work more easily better using the technology we have at hand.

Thus as we use these products, Microsoft will help to empower everyone and all the organizations. This is done by building the cloud and also increases productivity both at personal and organizational levels. Having this in mind, Microsoft thought it wise to take privacy matter into the next level. One wants to feel that both personal and organizational data in the cloud is very much safe.

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Thus no one can access it and that you are the only in charge of controlling that data.

When the data is protected, you can make meaningful choices on how you can collect it and use it. This also makes sure that all the information required is provided at the right time with all the Microsoft products and services

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The following are the essential principles behind privacy updates. They are

• Controlling.Microsoft puts you in charge of managing your data by providing easy tools to use and able to make precise decisions.
• Transparency offers transparent information about your data so that you can make appropriate decisions
• Security Microsoft will protect that data that you entrust to them by use of security measures and encryption
• Strong legal protections: Microsoft also protects and respects your local privacy and legally protects your privacy as it is your fundamental right
• No content-based targeting: Microsoft will never use your content such as email, file or chat without your consent
• Benefits to you: The data collected will always help you and help them to improve your expectations

After going through these principles, Microsoft decided that it is wise to keep privacy as one of its core factors in its business. It helps to build their products and service and adding value as the user feel secure and comfortable using them

Microsoft has a specific department that deals with privacy updates known as Microsoft trust center.

By collecting data helps to improve their software, devices, and service delivery thus offers tailor-made experienced that keep you safe. Some of the data they collect include.

• Keeping your passwords as secret on the browser is still part and parcel of Microsoft privacy policy
• They search the history thus helps you to speed up browsing, predicting what you want or searching Cortana the one used to obtain such data
• The location helps to give you the right direction to all the places you want to go to. GPRS and IP addresses are used in this. It helps to know if some if trying to access your data and informs you immediately. You have the liberty to turn on or off the location by going to settings then privacy set the location on your device

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