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If you are running an updated Windows 10 version on your device, or you have recently come across the many Windows 10 online discussion threads and platforms, then you have certainly come across the Mobile Plans app.

I updated my Windows 10 to Fall Creators and immediately noticed the Mobile Plans app and honestly, I was a little curious as to what it exactly is. This article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about Mobile Plans app for windows

What is the Mobile Plans app?

The Mobile Plans app is designed by Microsoft and provided to Windows 10 users for free. From my understanding, it helps you to easily view and connect to cellular data plans around your area. You could buy data plans directly through the Windows store making this app very practical.

According to the information that I got from the Windows Store, you could use the Mobile Plans app to purchase a suitable data plan and therefore easily get connected to cellular networks or paid Wi-Fi hotspots in your area.

Why is the Mobile Plans app useful?

The Mobile Plans app is especially useful to individuals who don’t have access to free Wi-Fi and, therefore, need access to a data plan if they want to use the internet. Remember that almost everything nowadays is done online and the internet is pretty important in our day to day lives. The internet is essential when it comes to both entertainment and work.

Not everyone has access to free Wi-Fi hotspots, and the Mobile Plans app was created to ensure that everyone can get access to the internet. The important aspect that you also need to consider is that it is a free app, thus ensuring that users get unlimited access with zero restrictions.

The downfall of the Mobile Plans app

Although the Mobile Plans app looks practical, it is important to note that not all Windows 10 users buy cellular data plans or additional Wi-Fi. Yes, most people use the internet, but there are a fraction of individuals who are simply just not interested in buying any sort of data plans or additional Wi-Fi.

To effectively use the Mobile Plans app, you also need a cellular modem that most Windows 10 devices simply don’t have. You also need a supported SIM card to ensure that the app works effectively as it should. Honestly, this is a huge hassle that most Windows 10 users are not ready for at the moment.

Even if your device has a built-in cellular modem, not all countries and regions have paid cellular data plans. The Mobile Plans app will, therefore not display any available data plans in the instance that your region or country has no available paid cellular data plans.


Despite the downfalls, the Mobile Plans app is quite practical and is expected to become popular among users over a short period. Different online forums explain further on its workings and how to uninstall the app should you feel the need to do so.

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