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One great feature of Windows 10 is the alarms application. The good thing about setting alarms on your windows 10 is that it helps you keep your work schedule in order.

Most people use their laptops for work and projects that have deadlines. Yes, you might use your phone alarm, but you don’t use it for your projects and work. This means that your alarm might go off but you won’t be near your laptop.

However, once you set your alarm on your windows 10, then you most definitely will have your tablet or laptop by your side. This tutorial will help you understand how to use alarms in your windows 10 device.

Starting the application

From your device, select start windows or move your mouse to the bottom left corner. From the application list that will be displayed, select Alarms and Clocks. You could also simply type in Alarms in the search box provided and the application will immediately be displayed on the screen.

Setting the alarm

Once the Alarm and Clock page is displayed on your screen, you will notice a plus sign at the bottom of the table. Once you click on the + sign, you can proceed to set up a new alarm.

Setting up the time for your alarm is pretty much straight forward, the first column indicates the hour will the second column indicates the minute. The final column has the AM and PM option to help you decide on the time of the day or night you want your alarm to go off.

Customizing the alarm

You can then go ahead and customize your alarm by setting up the name of the alarm right there on the displayed window. Setting up a new name for your alarm is crucial when you want it to remind you of what you should be doing at that time.

For example, if you need to review office documents, then you could set the alarm name as ‘documents review’. Ensure that you keep the alarm name as simple and precise to the point as possible.

After setting up the alarm name, the next step is setting up the number of times in the week you want the alarm to repeat. If you do the same activity every day at the same time, you can go ahead and check all the boxes from Monday to Sunday.

The repeats option helps you set up one alarm and program it to repeat during the days of the week that you want.

Next, you move on to the sound option. Here you get to customize the type of sound your alarm makes when it goes off. Here it is down to customer preference and every individual will choose what best suits him/her.

There are a total of 10 sounds to choose from and you are bound to find one that impresses you and suits your needs.

The final option that you need to select is the snooze time. This is the amount of time it will take before your alarm goes off again until you disable it. The snooze time option is important in ensuring you don’t miss your alarm completely.

Saving the alarm

The final step is simply saving the new alarm that you have just set up. Simply click on the save icon displayed on the bottom of the alarms and clock window on your screen.

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