How to fix Microsoft Edge errors

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Microsoft Edge is undoubtedly one of the best features of Windows 10, and the good news is that it is completely free. It has a unique interface that is customer-friendly and it is quite simple to use when compared to the traditional browsers that most people are accustomed to. However, sometimes Microsoft Edge encounters certain problems that need fixing such as not opening, or opening briefly before quickly closing. This article will guide you on a few pointers on how to fix errors on Microsoft Edge.

If Microsoft Edge does not open Restart your device

If the Microsoft Edge application does not open completely, you need to restart your device. Select the start button, power, and then restart. Should there be any pending updates, you will see the ‘update and restart’ option. Once your device is restarted, open the Microsoft Edge application and check whether it is fully functional. You could always try restarting your device a couple of times should Microsoft Edge not respond after the initial restart.

Install the latest updates

Windows update is important when it comes to correcting common problems. Go to the start button, then Settings, and finally update and security. Select the windows update option and check for any available updates. Should the prompt indicate that your device is current, then you need no further updates at the moment. Periodically updating your device is important because it ensures drivers are updated, outdated files are deleted, and all vulnerabilities are fixed.

Reset or repair Microsoft Edge

Understand that repairing Microsoft Edge won’t affect anything, but you lose cookies and history should you decide to reset the browser. To find both of these two options, select the start button, settings, apps, apps and features, Microsoft Edge, and then advanced options. From the Advanced Options tab, you get to choose between resetting or repairing the Microsoft Edge browser.

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If Microsoft Edge is opening briefly before closing Clear cached data and browsing history

To help load pages faster, Microsoft Edge saves temporary internet files known as cache. To fix page delay problems, the best solution will be to clear the cache. Open Microsoft Edge, then proceed to select history. Choose clear history, browsing history, and finally files and cached data, followed by clear.

Clear all data in Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge, go to history and select all the boxes displayed when you choose clear history. Proceed to clear all the history. This should help fix the problem of Microsoft Edge not functioning as expected or slower than usual.


Should the problem persist, then look for further help in the Microsoft Edge forum where you could also report the issues that you are encountering. Simply select settings and more, followed by help and feedback to get directed to the forum where you could send feedback. Microsoft Edge has a dedicated team that is constantly looking at feedback to ensure you have a wonderful experience using the browser. You could also look online for help when it comes to fixing Microsoft Edge errors especially since there are numerous threads and forums available.

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