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Microsoft has updated its Services Agreement with the company’s online services and products. The purpose of the updates is to make clear the company’s terms to make them easily understandable to the consumers. The updates will also cover new products, features, and services from Microsoft.

The updates are summarized herein, and they will be enforceable from 8/30/2019. Anyone who uses Microsoft’s products and services after this date will be deemed to have agreed to the current terms of this agreement.

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What is the Microsoft service agreement all about?

The Services Agreement is a contract between Microsoft and you the one consuming; it can also be between you and any of its affiliates. The contract oversees how you use the company’s products or services online. The complete list of the products and services that are covered in the agreement is available on the company’s website.

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Are there products and services that are not on the list covered by the Agreement?

The Services Agreement does not apply to services or products that devoted to business customers that include Office 365 for education, government, or business customers, Skype, Azure, or Yammer. If you need more information about Office 365 regarding business, you can visit its Trust Center at

What are some of the changes in the Microsoft Services Agreement?

A summary of the notable changes is available here; however, if you wish to see all the changes made, you can read the full document in the Services Agreement where everything is expressed in detail.

Are parents in charge of their children’s actions and purchases?

Yes. There is a section of the Agreement that leaves the responsibility of all accounts held children to the parents. They include Skype and Microsoft accounts and any services used by children under their care that also include purchases and subscription fees. Some of the services provided by Microsoft require to be paid for, for instance, games and applications that are offered through the company’s Office and Microsoft Store. The company helps parents better understand and monitor their children’s usage of devices and set boundaries. The company website has a Family Dashboard where parents can access information about Microsoft Family and know more about how to set limits on device usage for minors.

When will the new terms of the agreement be enforceable?

The new and updated terms took effect on 8/30/2019; however, if you had subscribed or purchased any of the company’s products or services, you will continue operations under the previous terms as they were during your purchase or subscription.

What’s the process of agreeing to the terms?

When you access and use the company’s products and services after 8/30/2019, you will be seen as to have agreed to the updated Services Agreement. Therefore, all the terms are enforceable if you access and use the products or services. If you do not agree with the updated terms, you may opt to cease using the products or services and terminate the Microsoft account before the date.

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