How to use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots

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A Windows’ Snipping Tool permits the user to capture a snip or screenshot of the whole screen or a part of the screen. The screenshot captured will show in the Mark-up Window tool. From the Mark-up window, the users can save the snip, copy it, paste it, and email it, or may be annotate it (specifically highlighting and writing on) it.

Windows 10 has an additional screenshot app that you may as well like. When you open a Snipping Tool, you will see an invite along with keyboard shortcut to Snip & Sketch.

You can capture the following types of snips;

  • A free –form snip; this allows drawing a free shape around the object
  • The Rectangular snip; you can drag the cursor around the object to shape a rectangle.
  • Window snip; choose a window, for instance, a dialog box, which you need to capture
  • Full-screen snip; this one captures the whole screen

After you capture a snip, it is copied to the Snipping Tool window automatically where you then make changes, save, and share.

After opening your Snipping Tool, you can select any of the following to create and as well work with your screenshots.

To capture a snip

Go in the Snipping Tool and select Mode. In past versions of Windows, you should choose the arrow that is next to the new key. After that, when you decide the kind of snip you need, you will see the complete screen change somewhat to gray. After that, by choosing from anything presently showing on the screen, select the area of your screen, you desire to capture.

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To annotate a snip

After you have captured a snip, you can now draw or write on it or around it. This can be done by selecting the Pen or the Highlighter keys. Select eraser to take out the lines that you have drawn.

To save a snip

After you have captured a snip, then select the Save Snip button.
In the box of Save As, type the name of the file, location, and type. Then select Save.

Removing the URL

After you have captured a snip from the window of your browser, its URL usually shows beneath the snip. You can prevent the URL from showing by:

  • Selecting the Options button In the Snipping Tool.
  • Clearing the URL that are under snips (only HTML) and after that select OK.

To share a snip

After capturing a snip, select the arrow that is next to the Send Snip button, and afterward, choose an option from the list.

To enlarge, crop or rotate a snip

With your captured snip, open in the Snipping Tool, select Edit > Edit with Paint 3D for you to use the available features for color, sizing, text, as well as many other improvements.

To print a snip

If you want to print your snip, go to the folder where you have saved your snip and right-click on the snip. From the options, select Print and choose how you want your image printed.

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