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You need to know everything about the Microsoft privacy statement. The privacy policy statement states everything about your interaction with the company. Microsoft is a big company which offers a wide range of products. You need to provide your personal information as a way of accessing the services they offer. For example, you may have to produce your shipping address, name, among other personal details. The policy statement allows you to know the way they handle your personal information. Remember, you need to read more about Microsoft privacy statements at https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement so that you can make an informed decision when interacting with the company. Here are some of the reasons and types of personal information Microsoft will collect from you. All the details are indicated on their privacy policy statement:

Personal data processed by Microsoft

The privacy statement will let you know all the types of data the company will collect and process. For example, you may like to buy products from the company, and they will require your real name and address before they can process the transaction. You will have to provide the information, and the company will use it to process your order. All the details they will collect from you are handled as per their privacy policy. You can rely on the company to realize the best results in your daily data processing.

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The way Microsoft processes personal data

There are several ways Microsoft collects the data which they will then process. For example, they will require you to use your credit card to pay for the products they sell. The personal information they will get from your credit card will be stored securely. They will only use the data for the sake of your transaction. You need to be aware of the way they collect your personal data so that you will not feel deceived. They explain everything on the privacy policy statement to make it easy for them to transact with you transparently.

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Reasons for processing personal data

The way Microsoft processes the data they collect from you is explained in the privacy policy statement. You need to know all the steps the company will take while handling your statement. It is possible to get all the details about your data after you check on the privacy policy statement. As a way of making it easy for potential customers to trust them, they even examine the use of the data they get from you. The main reason for collecting personal information from you is to use it in processing orders you may like to make.

Sharing of personal information

The data may be shared with third-party as a way of making it possible for the services you request from them to go through. The company has put measures to only share the information with the third party whom they trust. You will get an explanation of the reason for the sharing of your personal information on the privacy policy statement. It is a document that aims at explaining everything about the services they offer. Most potential customers get all their fears explained on the privacy policy statement.

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